The list of the top ten stolen cars in Missouri last year might contain a few surprises. The Highway Patrol says 17,751 vehicles were taken. That’s a little less than in 2008, but the total still represents about 120-million dollars in insurance payments.

About half of the thefts happen in our two largest cities. And you won’t find a luxury model on the top ten list. Spokesman Brent Butler with the Missouri Insurance Coalition sees cars on the list that can be easily parted out. “car”

Two Dodges, one Ford, Two Pontiacs, an Oldsmobile (Oldsmobile quit making cars in 2004 but their products remain popular among thieves), three Chevrolets. The only foreign car is a Honda Accord.

Butler says a lot of those cars might not have been stolen if owners had done something as simple as locking the doors and taking the keys or parking in well-lighted areas.

Bob Priddy interviews Brent Butler 10:15 mp3