Let’s play “where are they now?” Whatever happened to the H1N1 flu—the ailment the pork industry objects to calling “the swine flu.” Hundreds of thousands of doses of vaccine came to Missouri and people were encouraged to get their shots.

A state health department spokesman has used the word “fizzled” to discuss what happened, especially in late spring when a wave of flu cases developed in the southeast and started rolling toward Missouri. Three states south of us recorded surges in H1N1 cases but the wave broke before it hit Missouri.

H1N1 never became big enough to motivate many Missourians to line up for shots. In fact, the Health Department says about forty percent of Missouri’s vaccine is going unused.

The department has recorded nine confirmed H1N1 deaths and nine more suspected fatalities.

Last year the H1N1 came along too late to be part of the regular flu inoculations, which is why Missourians were urged to get two shots. This time,however, it’s going to be included in the regular shots that will be available in the Fall.

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