Political pundits are predicting a sea change at election time because voters are fed up with the status quo in Washington. Missouri’s Senators give their opinion on whether that’s already happening.

Longtime Senator Spector has been beaten in the Pennsylvania primary — he switched parties about a year ago. He also voted for healthcare reform. In Kentucky — a Representative endorsed by the Republican Party lost to a challenger backed by the Tea Party. Missouri’s Senators say they understand America’s frustration.

Democrat Senator McCaskill says voters are tired of the party-line vote and want someone with an independent voice. Republican Senator Bond says the rampant spending in Washington is bad business, and voters know it.

Bond says incumbents who have spoken out against over-spending will be re-elected, but those who have endorsed going trillions of dollars into debt that will burden our children and grandchildren might be in trouble.

McCaskill says voters are saying “give us independent voices,” and they’re signaling that with their vote. McCaskill says she votes according to what the people of Missouri want, not what her party wants. She says that’s what voters want.

Senator McCaskill’s response to anti-incumbent question [Download / listen Mp3, 1:41 min.]

Sentor Bond responds [1:51 min.]