Senate President Pro Tem Charlie Shields has accepted a position in the private sector. Shields will become the Chief Operating Officer at Truman Medical Center-Lakewood in Kansas City July 5th. He plans to serve out his term as senator.

Shields, a Republican from St. Joseph, began his legislative career 20 years ago as a state representative. He entered the legislature when Republicans were in the minority and served 12 years as a member of the minority party. Shields rose to leadership within the House Republican Party, serving as its whip, the number three position.

Shields became Majority Floor Leader in the Senate under Senate President Pro Tem Mike Gibbons of Kirkwood, then became the Senate leader when Gibbons left.

Shields has served 17 years with Heartland Health in St. Joseph, serving much of his time as Special Projects Coordinator while serving in the state legislature. 

AUDIO: Interview with Senate President Pro Tem Charlie Shields (9 min)