This has been the 95th time the state legislature has met for a two-year General Assembly. In four and a half months, presiding officers in the House and Senate announced votes that past 105 bills and joint resolutions had made it through the process. That’s 105 bills out of 1756 bills and joint resolutions introduced. Not included in those numbers are dozens of concurrent resolutions introduced and passed, many of which established legislative committees to look into various topics or instructed Congress how to behave. Such messages have no legal impact.

This was the last session in the House for 52 Representatives and the last session in the Senate for ten Senators. Most are forced out by term limits although some are leaving to seek higher office.

Every legislative session has its hits and misses. Lawmakers and the Governor usually offer their assessments after the final gavel drops at 6 p.m. This year, however, Senate leaders held their news conference shortly after 5 p.m. so reporters would have one less possession news conference to dash to.

Actually, the 95th General Assembly will not finally adjourn until mid-September when the veto session is held to consider any vetoes Governor Nixon might issue. Nixon also has hinted at a special session to specifically address tax credit reform, one of the “misses” of this legislative session. Special sessions have been held in conjunction with the September veto session, a move that reduces special session costs since lawmakers will be in Jefferson City anyway.

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