New SBU Bearcats logo

New SBU Bearcats logo

Southwest Baptist University named Mike Pitts as director of athletics at a ceremony Tuesday at the Meyer Sports Center. Pitts had served as the interim co-director of athletics for the past year.

Pitts will officially take over as director of athletics immediately. He also has worked for the university as assistant athletics director for operations and prior to that, as media relations director.

“I am really pleased that Mike is our new director of athletics,” said SBU President Dr. Pat Taylor. “He has served for almost four years in different capacities with athletics. He has provided good leadership over that time and will continue to do so. He has a tremendous love for Bearcat athletics and is an outstanding people person. He’s a good communicator with coaches and student-athletes as well as with the general public. His finance background, especially in these challenging economic times, will be an integral part in athletics management.”

Pitts was promoted to assistant director of athletics for operations in 2008, and promoted again to interim co-director of athletics in 2009.

SBU President Dr. Pat Taylor and the SBU Department of Athletics launched a new logo for Bearcat athletics at a special ceremony Tuesday in the Meyer Wellness and Sports Center.

The previous Bearcat had been used in various forms for nearly 30 years, along with other representations of a Bearcat and the words SBU Bearcats. There was considerable discussion about changing the older logo to warrant Dr. Taylor to appoint a committee this past fall to review making a change. With input from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and fans, the SBU Cabinet made a final decision on the new look of Bearcat Athletics following recommendations from the committee.

The new look borrows some elements from the previous Bearcat but was updated for a more, modern design. Additional features were added including a cross built into the ‘U’ and other design elements incorporated into the lettering of SBU and Bearcats.

“I appreciate the committee’s work, especially that of T.J. John, who chaired the committee, along with Renae Myles, Mike Pitts and many others,” said Taylor. “The development of the new logo is good for athletics and entire university.”

Jim Ward Design out of St. Louis completed the artwork which also included a new family of logo marks. Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) in Indianapolis will oversee the licensing of the new brand. “There is a lot of excitement and anticipation about the new logo,” added Myles, who coordinated the university’s work with Jim Ward Design and SMA.

The athletic department and the SBU Bookstore hosted a one hour “Midnight Logo Launch” on May 11, prior to the unveiling. The bookstore opened at the late night hour for a special event where fans were able to pick apparel and items with the new look.

The new look will appear on the website, on campus and team uniforms in the coming months, in time for the 2010-11 sports seasons.