According to a report by Kansas City radio station 810 WHB, the Big Ten conference has extended offers to Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Rutgers to join the conference.

There are multiple sources that WHB referenced that it wasn’t certain if the Big Ten would expand to 14 of 16 teams, but Missouri and Nebraska are in either scenario. Much of that would harness on believe on if Notre Dame would accept the offer. That would likely open the door to a 16 team conference.

Missouri has long taken the line that they are a supporter of the Big 12 and would like to see this conference and University continue it’s partnership, but recently Mizzou has said they would consider other offers if it meant improving the Universities’ situation. That stance may not sit well with other schools of the Big 12, but Missouri owes it to themselves to look at all offers.

The company line at Mizzou has been: “The University of Missouri is receiving numerous inquiries related to public speculation about conference membership. MU is a member of the Big 12 Conference and will not respond to speculation about conference realignment.”