With only five days left in this legislative session, lawmakers finally have a specific proposal in front of them for dealing with one of the state’s most important financial issues. They’ve talked for years about curtailing the program that lets the state give away hundreds of millions of dollars of its potential income. But with the state’s budget being what it is today, the pressure has grown to do something about tax credits.

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Brad Lager of Savannah is circulating a proposal from the Governor’s office among fellow lawmakers while the Governor’s office consults business and economic development groups. “What they’re trying to get to is budget predictability (and) some form of accountability back to the legislative branch as well as to the executive branch,” he says.

The proposal caps the state’s tax credit programs and makes awarding of tax credits part of the legislative appropriations process.

Lager knows passage of the plan in just five days is a daunting prospect. But he says it’s possible if legislators can stay focused on the effort.

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