A three-letter word has been called a major threat to Missouri’s animal agriculture….

The word is “may.”

The state senate has voted to keep a law that says juries hearing nuisance lawsuits, especially against agricultural operations, SHALL be taken to the operation being sued. One Senator who wanted to change the law to juries MAY be taken to the scene says judges should have discretion. Jolie Justus is from Kansas City

Justus argues for her amendment :28 mp3

Senator Brad Lager of Savannah, who represents most of north Missouri’s agricultural area says major farmers are protected by SHALL.

Lager responds :34 “day”

But Senator Wes Shoemyer, who lives near the rural community of Clarence, says judges should have that discretion to keep the corporate farms off-balance in lawsuits.

Shoemyer likes “may.” :27 “don’t”

Lager thinks it’s important to agriculture to make sure juries see what the case is about.

Lager says “may” is dangerous :25 “industry”

The senate has voted to leave the law as-is, requiring judges to send jurors to the corporate farms being sued.