The good news. The Kansas City Royals split a four game series with the hottest team in baseball…well at least the AL, I’d consider the Cards pretty hot in the NL right now. Anyway, the bad news, the offense didn’t support a Zack Greinke gem as the Royal lost 1-0 denying the AL Cy Young winner his first win of 2010.

Greinke made a mistake with one out in the fourth inning giving up a solo shot to Evan Longoria, his sixth of the season. After the game Greinke said, “It wasn’t way up, but it was up enough and right down the middle. I think he was out front a little bit. He didn’t hit it real good, he’s just real strong.” Outside of that, Greinke allowed just three other hits while striking out six. His ERA is 2.27 and yet he is 0-3. What other team besides the Royals would you see a discrepancy in numbers?

Meanwhile, Wade Davis was just as tough. The Rays’ starter allowed just three hits and three walks while striking out five in seven innings. Three relievers held the Royals at bay the final two innings.