House Speaker Ron Richard has expressed increasing frustration as the legislative session wears on, but he tells the Missourinet his frustration won’t endanger the last three weeks of the session

House Speaker Ron Richard, a Republican from Joplin, cautions not to read too much into the frustration he has expressed.

“My frustration over job creation and lack of good legislation is not going to keep me from doing work the last couple of weeks,” Richard states in an interview with the Missourinet.

The frustration became apparent during a news conference called by House leadership to respond to Gov. Nixon’s call for tax credit reform. Richard came out forceful during the news conference, complaining that work in the Capitol had become two against one; the governor and the Senate against the House. Richard reminded the executive branch and the other chamber that legislation had to pass through his chamber to become law. He proclaimed tax credit reform dead for this session.

Richard says the frustration he expressed wasn’t just a personal emotion.

“I mean it’s not my frustration,” Richard says. “I’m giving you the message at that press conference of my House members, both sides of the aisle that we’re willing to move on a number of projects the last several years and have been cut short by a lack of help from the executive branch and the other side of the building and it’s somewhat frustrating when you have friends and neighbors out of work.”

Richard says the House has tried to move economic development legislation, but hasn’t had cooperation from the Senate or Gov. Nixon. Richard says high unemployment should have everyone’s attention at the Capitol and he’s frustrated that that hasn’t been the case this session.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:60 MP3]