Blaine Gabbert splits the Mizzou defense for a long run Saturday during the Black and Gold game

Blaine Gabbert splits the Mizzou defense for a long run Saturday during the Black and Gold game

For the first time, the Missouri Tigers changed up their scrimmage format.  They actually played a game in the first half of the annual Black and Gold game before moving to more of a scrimmage with multiple substitutions on the second half.  The defense dominated the day, which didn’t seem to bother head coach Gary Pinkel all that much.  Watch exclusive video from

The first-stringers played the reserves in the first half and the reserves were spotted a 14-0 lead as they played two, 10 minutes quarters.  James Franklin, the true freshmen quarterback from Texas played most of the first half with the reserves and struggled as some of his passes sailed.

The number one unit didn’t fare much better although I think Blaine Gabbert is getting rid of the ball a little quicker than last season.  He showed how with a healthy ankle, his ability to scramble.  He was the only quarterback wearing a green, non-contact jersey, but he sliced through the defense late in the second quarter for a 47 yard touchdown run.  It was called back outside the 25 when one defender was able to get one hand on him.  

“Yeah my ankle is feeling good. I rehabbed hard all winter, it was bothering me a majority of last year, but I think it’s back to 100%. It was good to run today and I thought I got a touchdown but I guess I got tagged.”

Below are stats from the game.

1st-Half Score (#1 Offense/Defense vs. Reserves) – 14-14
2nd-Half Score (Offense vs. Defense) – Defense 34, Offense 6

1st Quarter – Brad Madison 14-yard fumble return (Grant Ressel PAT) (0:00) 2nd Quarter – Derrick Washington 9-yard run (Grant Ressel PAT) (0:52)

Tiger Comp. Att. Yds. TD Int.
James Franklin 9 17 54 0 2
Blaine  Gabbert 8 15 82 0 0
Ashton Glaser 8 12 44 0 0
Jimmy Costello 6 12 57 0 1
Tyler Gabbert 6 9 40 0 1

Tiger Rec. Yds. TD
TJ Moe 12 85 0
Kerwin Stricker 5 23 0
L’Damian Washington 3 9 0
Beau Brinkley 3 26 0
Wes Kemp 2 21 0
Michael Egnew 2 11 0
Derrick Washington 1 25 0

Tiger Att. Yds. TD
Derrick Washington 6 28 1
Kendial Lawrence 5 16 0
Blaine Gabbert 3 29 0

Tiger INTs Yds.
Kevin Rutland 1 2
Carl Gettis 1 0
Will Ebner 1 0
Jarrell  Harrison 1 0