Missouri is under self-imposed orders to be producing two percent of its electricity through renewable resources by next year and at least 15 percent in a decade.The Senate is moving to make sure the state has all the resources possible, even if it has to go to a barnyard to find some..

Missourians voted in 2008 to require at least two percent of the electricity used in Missouri to come from the sun, the wind, water, from crops grown to become fuel and a number of specific other sources. Senator Frank Banitz of Lake Spring wants to add another energy source–methane from agricultural operations.

The methane gas generation of cattle manure was discovered more than 200 years ago. Some Lepers in India built the first processor to turn waste into gas that could be used for various purposes more than 150 years ago. Barnitz thinks that technology can help Missouri meet its 21st century renewable energy goals.

The Public Service Commission will decide what sources can be used by electric utilities to generate the power needed to reach the two-percent goal. Barnitz says he hopes this bill will pass to send a firm message to the PSC that turning manure into methane is a recognized source of renewable energy.

The Senate can send his bill to the House with one more round of voting

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