The Department of Transportation Director is taking a job with a firm that was awarded more transportation contracts by the state than any other firm submitting bids in 2009. He says it’s not a conflict of interests. 

MoDOT Director Pete Rahn is resigning to accept a position with HNTB, the same firm that received more than 32 million dollars for road and bridge work in Missouri. Of the 40 firms awarded contracts in 2009, HNTB got the lion’s share.

Still, Rahn says there’s no conflict of interests; he says he has no say in who is awarded contracts and is not a part of the process in any way.

Transporation Commission Chairman Rudy Farber confirms Rahn has no part in awarding contracts. Farber says HNTB was simply the lowest bidder on several of those contracts. The firm is -based in Kansas City, and does work nationwide.

View all 2009 contracts awarded by MoDOT (pdf)

AUDIO: Jessica Machetta reports [mp3, 1:07 min.]