The first several hundred citizen suggestions on restructuring state government to make it leaner and more efficient are being put into eight piles to be examined by special senate committees next week. Many are from state employees or former employees. Many reflect personal observations of things that don’t work or don’t seem to make sense–such as the state purchasing list that requires buying a car battery charger from a particular vendor that is six times more expensive than the same thing on

Senate staff member Brendan Cossette thumbed through the suggestions and says most show serious thought .Some call for merging agencies, eliminating redundancies, adopting more realistic purchasing policies, and realigning social programs for restructuring social services. Most of those making suggestions about taxes suggest increasing them. Some suggest legalizing drugs and taxing them.

You can make your own suggestions by clicking on the “Rebooting Missouri’ .

Brendan Cossette reads some ideas about reshaping general government 2:26 mp3

some of the ideas about taxes 1:17 mp3

Transportation suggestions sample :30 mp3

Some of the ideas for realigning social programs. 1:51 “needed”

Some of the ideas about Corrections. 1:45 mp3

and finally: The outdoors. :55 mp3