Time is short for the legislature to solve major state government financial problems as lawmakers return from their Spring break. The state’s financial picture has deteriorated so far that lawmakers have suggested Governor Nixon to scrap his January recommendations and present a new plan. Within the last week, Nixon has cut another 126-million from this year’s state budget and he’s outlined a half-billion dollars in cuts and reorganizations for the fiscal year starting July 1. Legislators such as House Budget chairman Alan Icet had been alerted before they left that the state’s financial outlook was worsening…Icet sees the Governor’s actions an announcements last week as a starting point.

The state budget for fiscal 20-10 and 20-11 has to be passed by May 7–only eight weeks for lawmakers to decide what lives, what dies, what gets merged, what programs get cut and what rare programs get increased.

Charlie Shields talks to Bob Priddy 4:38 mp3

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