The State Ethics Commission is making it easier for candidates to make sure they’re running a clean campaign. The Ethics Commission has taken several steps in the last year to improve their online presence and provide more resources that both candidates and the public can utilize. Director Julie Allen says a new online tutorial makes the rules clear. She says all of the commission’s Web resources and training is getting a good response.

Allen says the commission’s initiatives and daily work continue ensuring individual filers and public officials are held accountable, transparency is increased, and violations are enforced. Campaign Materials Identification Requirements provides an overview of campaign materials, including:

  • Definition of campaign materials, what is included and what is not as well as who must comply;
  • Details about how the individual(s) paying for the printed campaign material must be identified; and
  • Information about the Commission’s enforcement of the law

“Missouri law provides specific requirements for identifying those paying for printed campaign materials. The Commission continues our mission of providing relevant, timely information and education,” says Allen. “Candidates, treasurers, printers or publishers and anyone else involved in the producing or disseminating campaign materials are encouraged to view this tutorial.”

AUDIO: Jessica Machetta report