A war of words or mostly a one-sided spat between Jamie McMurray and his teammate Juan Pablo Montoya has brewed over into the media. This comes after the two crashed during Sunday’s race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

It appears Montoya is being a bit of a baby on this one. McMurray and Montoya were running 9th and 10th when McMurray lost control his car and ran into Montoya. Montoya was pretty upset on the track and afterwards mocked McMurray.

Montoya said in a high pitched tone, mocking McMurray, “I’m sure on the radio it was ‘Ah, I didn’t mean that.’ “He is just trying to prove to people he can drive a race car and I guess he isn’t doing too many favors on this team.”

Then Montoya’s wife got on Twitter and bashed McMurray some more after Montoya’s 37th place finish by saying the McDonald’s clown must have been driving McMurray’s car on Sunday.  A slam against the McDonald’s sponsorship McMurray debuted at Las Vegas because the deal closed after his Daytona 500 victory.

Real class Mr. and Mrs. Montoya. I know these guys get upset and say things in the heat of the moment, but Mrs. Montoya carrying on after the race reminds me of when Brenda Warner called into a St. Louis radio station to stick up for her husband.  I love when the wives come in to stick up for their man in these situations.

I’m sure McMurray and Montoya will hash this out.  In fact McMurray says he’s talked with Montoya and everything is fine.