Providing government transparency is the goal of the Missouri Ethics Commission‘s annual “At a Glance” report, which was recently released. The report is a summary of the Ethics Commission’s accomplishments for 2009, says Director Julie Allen.

Click image to visit the Commission's Web site.

Click image to visit the Commission's Web site.

She says the report gives the public information on initiatives the commission took in 2009 and its responsibilities, calling it a “good snapshot of the work we do.”



Allen says in addition to Web enhancements, there are several new publications and brochures intended to be user friendly. The report also shows the commission’s enforcement actions, such as financial penalties.

The Commission’s responsibilities include three components, Allen says:

· Assisting and educating

· Receiving filings

· Enforcing Missouri ethics laws

“Our initiatives and daily work continue ensuring individual filers and public officials are held accountable, transparency is increased, and violations are enforced. [The] 2009 At a Glance clearly shows the Commission’s focus on these responsibilities,” she says.

Jessica Machetta reports [Download / listen, Mp3]