The chairman of the comittee that investigated the DNR’s withholding of information about e-coli in the lake of the ozarks last year describes the agency as being in chaos. And senator Brad Lager says his committee does not feel the withholding of information was an honest mistake.

The committee hopes to put out its final report next week. Democarts ont he committee are calling for changes in the preliminary version.

Committee chairman Brad Lager of Savannah says one person “took the bullet”—Deputy DNR Director Joe Bindbeutel. But Lager says he is convinced others also should have taken the fall for withholding the information from officials at the Lake. “I find it unfortunate he was the only one to step up and say, ‘I made a mistake and if I was doing it over again I wouldn’t do it that way.’ And he was the only one that said that,” says Lager.

Democratic members of Lager’s committee object to some of the wording in the prelimninary report. Lager sayhs their concerns will be addressed next week before a final report is released.

Bob Priddy interviews Brad Lager 10:00 mp3