A state senator who says the state constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom is not enough avoid lawsuits runs into a couple of colleagues who say the state constitution is just fine. The constitution guarantees the natural rights of Missourians to worship God according to their own consciences and says no human authority can interfere with that right. That’s not enough for Senator Delbert Scott of Lowry City who wants to guarantee that people can pray wherever they want to as long as they don’t disturb the peace. His proposal bars establishment of a state religion, bans forced participation in religious activities, says students can express faith in their assignments, and won’t be required to take part in assignments that violate their beliefs.

But Senators such as Rita Days of St.Louis say the present language covers the waterfront, that Scott’s proposal is unnecessary, and furthermore…it won’t stop lawyers from filing suits.

Days and another Senator have talked long enough to force Scott to shelve his bill. Similar proposals have met similar fates in the past.

A summary of SJR 31 is here:


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