Suppose you had a lot of experience with a particular company.But when you left it, the law said you could not use that experience to make a living. That that is the basic issue that has stopped debate on a government ethics bill. It’s not a non-compete clause. It’s an outright ban.

Cape Girardeau Senator Jason Crowell wants to ban former legislators from becoming lobbyists for two years after they leave office. His proposal and suggested changes some of his colleagues want to make have foced the sponsor of the ethics reform bill to pull it out of Senate debate for now. It is likely to return next week.

Crowell also would ban ex-lawmakers from getting jobs at state agencies or being appointed to judgeships until two years had passed. That makes no sense to floor leader Kevin Engler, especially in the term limits era. Lee’s Summit’s Senator Matt Bartle has some sympathy with the lobbying ban…but otherwise. “I worry about creating a policy that will have a long term negative impact on the ability of a governor to lead by tapping people who are in legislative service,” he says.

What has brought discussion to an immediate halt is a suggestion that former legislators could not even be hired by current legislators to serve on their staffs.

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