It’s somewhat of an odd sports day in Missouri. Obviously we have the big news of the possible ownership change for the Rams, but some little odds-n-ends today so I’ll combine them into one story. Here are some of the interesting little tidbits I’ve come across.

A collection of elite swimmers will be in Columbia this weekend starting today for the Missouri Grand Prix. Ryan Loche who won four medals in Beijing will be at the event, but missing will be Michael Phelps who was scheduled to appear but got stuck in the snow back in Baltimore.

The St. Louis Cardinals are loading up two trucks full of baseball equipment and assorted items and will be making the 2.5 day trip from Busch Stadium to Jupiter, Florida to get ready for spring training. Among some of the gear making the trek. 1,200 baseball bats, boxes of batting gloves, socks and shirts that say “Spring Training 2010” on them. Some things you wouldn’t expect on the truck: a jeep! bicycles and a whirlpool.

Bob Ramsey is the voice of the Saint Louis Billikens men’s basketball team. He missed last week’s game at LaSalle on the east coast because of the blizzards. He didn’t travel with the team and had no way of getting to the game in time. It’s the first time he missed a game in 24 years.

The Missouri softball team begins their season this weekend. After making it to the World Series last spring, the Tigers are stacking up their non-conference with tough opponents including their first two games of the season which start on Saturday, when the Tigers travel down to Alabama to take on the national powerhouse Crimson Tide.