There’s Yoga…..and then there’s Yoga.

The legislature is being asked to exempt what some advocates think of as “real” Yoga from “recreational” Yoga. Instructor Michael Shabsin of Clayton says state sales tax law now applies to places of amusement, entertainment, and recreational activities. He says courts have defined those phrases for taxing purposes.

“Things like exercise, things like health clubs and fitness centers have been ruled to be recreational things in the state of Missouri, and therefore subject to tax…But there’s a difference..between Yoga practiced at a health club or a fitness center and Yoga as practiced at a fitness studio,” he says.

Shabsin says true Yoga is a spiritual practice, and those places that teach it as a spiritual practice should not have to charge sales tax.

A state senate committee is studying a proposal that separates yoga from yoga for sales tax purposes.

The proposal is SB726

Hear Michael Shabsin’s testimony 4:08 mp3