Kurt Warner thanked his family, the Rams, Giants and Cardinals. He thanked all of his coaches and former teammates for giving him the opportunities to succeed in the NFL…then Kurt Warner said goodbye the game of football after 12 seasons.

Warner is the only quarterback in NFL history to pass for over 14,000 yards with two different teams. That being the Rams and Cardinals. He also owns the top three single game records for passing yards in his three Super Bowls that he appeared in.

However, Warner was more than just a great quarterback. What he and his wife Brenda have done for the communities of St. Louis and Phoenix and in Iowa go above and beyond anything he did on the football field. He’s a gracious man and he has a giving heart. He spent his entire introduction today thanking everyone for helping him.

Warner wants to be remembered as a person who believed in his abilities and never gave up hope even when things didn’t go well. He is an inspiration for other athletes and I hope those involved with the NFL this weekend and in leading up to the Super Bowl focus their attentions on Warner more so then the side show that a guy like Brett Favre has created with his on again/off again retirement.

Listen to Kurt Warner’s opening comments.

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