I just haven’t been into the NFL this season until this weekend. With the Chiefs and Rams struggles the past few seasons, and after the horrible start they got off to, I just couldn’t warm up to it. The NFL playoffs can quickly bring you back.

It was great to see Baltimore dismantle the New England Patriots. I just watched The Blindside and had a soft spot for the Ravens in my heart after watching Michael Oher’s story. On top of that Bill Belichick looked ridiculous in that winter hat with the little (excuse me), big fuzzy ball on top of it. (Click here to see it)

Former Rams MVP Kurt Warner threw for 379 yards and five touchdowns and no picks to lead the Arizona Cardinals over the Green Bay Packers 51-45 in overtime. What a crazy finish. Aaron Rodgers wasn’t shabby either throwing for 422 yards with four touchdowns, an INT until his version of the Rockettes (which Bob Priddy tells me they started as the St. Louis Rockets). Anyway, that led to a Karlos Dansby touchdown. Now, sources close to Warner say the 38 year old is considering retiring after this season. Warner, with 31 touchdown passes in the playoffs is just one away from tying Dan Marino for third all-time. Arizona now advances to a divisional-round playoff game against the Saints on Saturday.

How about former Tiger receiver Jeremy Maclin? He had seven catches for 146 yards including a 76 yard touchdown from Michael Vick. That was the longest touchdown in Philly playoff history and Maclin becomes the youngest player at 21 to catch a touchdown pass in the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Eagles get bounced from playoffs.

Brad Smith, the former Missouri QB, gained just five yards on two runs and a catch, but his coach Rex Ryan has these guys playing with confidence and if there was any team that could go into San Diego and win…it would be the Jets.

I like Ryan’s old school attitude. He when he said “I don’t think anyone wants to play the Jets right now.” I’m pulling for the Jets. I also want to see Indy beat Baltimore so the Jets can knock Indy out of the playoffs ending their “ultimate goal” of winning the Super Bowl, which is why they sat Manning, Wayne and Clark when the Jets ruined their perfect season.

Ahh, I’m back into the NFL.