Frozen pipes means no running water … unless they burst, which means a LOT of running water, all over the place. The Missouri Insurance Coalition offers some advice.

There are a few things to prevent pipes from freezing in these cold temps, but if they’re already frozen, thawing techniques can be tricky.

Missouri Insurance Coalition spokesman Brent Butler says a drizzle will do. Just let a trickle of water run to keep the pipes clear, especially at night before going to bed, he says.

Butler says opening cabinet doors can also give those pipes just enough ambient heat.

When thawing pipes, use low heat, such as a lighbulb or a blow-dryer. Acetaline torches can cause frozen pipes to burst. Butler says the best bet is to call a plumber. But those who have frozen pipes might be able to wait it out. The temperature is supposed to finally break freezing at mid-week.

Butler says it’s tempting to turn down the heat sometimes, but now isn’t a good time to be frugal. He says keeping the thermostat set on 55 or higher should prevent a catastrophe.

AUDIO: Jessica Machetta reports