Weather throughout the state has officials busy, and reminding motorists to take precautions if traveling. Dangerously cold temperatures have many staying home today, which the Highway Patrol is urging, but for those who venture out, a few common-sense safety measures can be life-savers.

Check before you go: The Missouri Department of Transportation’s traveler information map indicates that all roads in the state are covered or partly covered with snow. The cold temps have added to the challenge since salt won’t melt the snow as efficiently.

MoDOT reminds motorists they can view the road conditions prior to travel at . Those already en route can call the 24-hour hotline and speak to someone about road conditions at 888-Ask-MoDOT.

The National Weather Service is predicting near zero temperatures for the next few days. To view the radar or forecasts online, click the following links according to which part of the state you’re in … or might be traveling to:

NOAA National Weather Service — St. LouisKansas CitySpringfield.

Audio: Jessica Machetta interviews Highway Patrol Captain Tim Hull (5:30 MP3)