The big man could be up in the booth next season calling the Chiefs offensive plays. Charlie Weis, the former Notre Dame head coach and offensive coordinator at New England could be announced as the Chiefs offensive coordinator as early as today.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley took over the playcalling in his first season, but it looks like he’ll relinquish those duties. I’m sure this decision is coming more from GM Scott Pioli than it is Haley. I know Haley liked calling the plays and I wonder how much of this was Pioli’s decison and not Haley’s?  However, it should be noted both Haley and Weis were coaches on the Jets.

Haley on Weis

In St. Louis, the Post-Dispatch is reporting that some of Marc Bulger’s friends are saying he is considering retiring. Why not? The Rams stink, he’s had no offensive line in front of him for three years and has had broken ribs, a bad shoulder and this season a broken shin.