The Missouri Ethics Commission not only requires comprehensive information filing of politicians, campaigns, and committees – lobbyists are expected to file information, as well. Executive Director Julie Allen says a set of tutorials is now available on the Commission’s website.

“It gives some comprehensive information about lobbyists, their reporting requirements, the available online Commission resources and searches, and navigating the lobbyists’ online filing system,” said Allen in an interview with the Missourinet.

Making the information available online is a benefit to lobbyists and the general public.

“This gives an opportunity for lobbyists or the public to learn more about what the law requires, how the law defines a lobbyist, what their reporting requirements are,” said Allen.

Many people don’t realize that lobbyists must document their expenditures as they pertain to public officials.

“Once they become a lobbyist then they have to file a monthly report with the Commission,” said Allen. “That monthly report actually details out any expenditures they’ve made on behalf of a public official, their employees, spouse, or dependent children.”

The Commission plans to release two more online tutorials next week. They deal with candidate reporting requirements and information on forming a campaign finance committee.