The Department of Natural Resources has reported to Governor Nixon it has issued 82 notices of violation and that it has sent 48 warning letters to people with wastewater treatment permits at the Lake of the Ozarks since Nixon ordered an investigation in September.

The DNR report ( says 41 violators have been referred to its Water Protection Program for further enforcement action. The investigation reports have prompted Nixon to propose new laws for the legislature letting the state clean water commission declare a body of water “distressed.” Nixon spokesman Scott Holste says that designation would set other things in motion. He says the DNR could then stop issuing wastewater treatment permits in the area and would also let DNR inspect and enforce standards for all wastewater facilities–even septic tanks not requiring permits. DNR would have the power to order property owners to stop using them.

DNR director Mark Templeton has been invited to appear before a Senate committee investigating last summer’s e-coli problems at the Lake at a meeting next week. The committee has been critical of the way the situation has been handled.

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