Lindenwood Coach Patrick Ross after the NAIA title game

Lindenwood Coach Patrick Ross after the NAIA title game

So what does the head football coach of the NAIA national runner-up Lindenwood Lions do just three days after losing 25-22 to Sioux Falls…perhaps the greatest team to ever play on the NAIA level? Clean house. No, no. I’m not talking about firing his football staff. I’m talking about Patrick Ross actually cleaning his house getting ready for Christmas. Today is his wife’s birthday and as Lindenwood has been making their run for the title game, Ross says he’s had to neglect his wife and husbandly duties the last month or so.

Something had to give. Lindenwood entered the championship game undefeated going up against Sioux Falls, a team that was the defending national champion and had not lost any game this season by fewer than 15 points. In fact the Cougars won games of 80-0 and 64-0 earlier in the season.

I thought Coach Ross said it best when he said his team played like a team that was inexperienced when it came to the big game, but at the same time showed a lot of composure. This game too, could have gotten out of hand very quickly, like most Sioux Falls games, but Lindenwood never broke while bending a few times. In fact, the Lions had the lead at halftime and were tied entering the fourth quarter.

On this week’s Pressbox Podcast I talk with Coach Ross about the aftermath of losing such a close game. He said it’s tough and it hurts, but at the same time it was a very rewarding season and he’s looking forward to 2010. So, Coach Ross put down the mop and broom, turned down the Christmas music and spent a few moments with me.

Congratulations to Coach Ross and the Lindenwood Lions on a great 2009 season.

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