Flu cases have been declining for about a month in Missouri. But the state health department warns this is just a lull before the next wave hits us.

The flu started hitting Missouri hard in late August….but it peaked at the end of October. The health department has counted more than 23-thousand cases and eight deaths from the H1N1 virus.

But new cases have taken a dive.

Health Department spokesman Kit Wagar warns this is no time for complacency. The department expects the flu to fire up again next month. The big question is whether seasonal flu will compete with the H1N1. Wagar says, “That’s why we’re encouraging, especially older people, to get their seasonal flu shots, because the flu virus traditionally does much better in cold weather.”

Some vaccine shortages were reported when the H1N1 was peaking. Now health officials say demand is down at a time when the state is getting ten to 100-thousand doses of vaccine a week .

Wagar says there should be enough next month that the priority list won’t be needed—shots will be available for anybody.

Bob Priddy interviews Kit Wagar   12:08