The St. Louis Cardinals, late Tuesady have confirmed that first baseman Albert Pujols will undergo an arthroscopic debridement of his right elbow today. The procedure will be performed at a Birmingham Alabama medical facility under the direction of Dr. James Andrews. The Cardinals will provide further details after the surgery.

This is really no shock to me.  First, Pujols has been dealing with elbow issues since 2003 and he’s coming off an off-season surgery last year where things were cleaned up and rearranged to alleviate some pain and numbness, i.e. putting Band-Aid on the situation.  Pujols went his final 89 at bats of the season without going long and the pop in his bat went away.  I can’t help but wonder how much longer he can go until he needs a ligament replacement surgery (otherwise known as Tommy John Surgery) where the healing time is 4-8 months.