Chan Gailey is out as offensive coordinator of the Chiefs.  What is not confirmed is whether or not Gailey will stay on in some other capacity.  At Chiefs practice on Monday, Gailey was nowhere to be found while Haley was calling the plays.

There was much speculation when Haley first took over the head coaching job as to whether or not he would fire Gailey or handle play calling during the season.  However, early on, Haley said those responsibilities would go to Gailey.

Apparently, Haley is not happy with the plays, the results or both.  The Chiefs have scored 10, 13, and 10 points in the first three games and have scored just two offensive touchdowns in the first three games.  In Saturday’s loss to Seattle, the only touchdown came from the defense…a 28 yard interception return by Brandon Flowers.

I wasn’t happy with the choice of brining in Gailey last year.  I’ve just never been a fan of Gailey’s offense.  I always thought he got way too much credit for the job he did with Pittsburgh and Miami’s offense when he ran those teams who had strong defensive teams and in his stint as head coach  with Dallas, was unable to win a playoff game.  His play calling is bland and conservative.  I think the final nail in the coffin was when Gailey called 12 straight running plays shortly after Cassel left after the third play of the game on Saturday.

Haley explains why he made the move and even Larry Johnson was smart enough to know this relationship wasn’t going to work.  He adds some good insight.  Click on the link to listen below

Todd Haley and Larry Johnson