Upgrades at the Missouri Ethics Commission continue as opportunities for electronic filing are expanded.

Cities and counties and other political subdivisions that file information with the Ethics Commission will now be able to file more information electronically. Commission Executive Director Julie Allen says this is the next step for political subdivisions that are required to disclose personal information regarding some of the people working for those subdivisions.

"In the past two years they’ve been able to submit their annual operating budget with us," said Allen. "But this year they’re also going to be able to submit those filers, those individuals, who must file a personal financial disclosure statement with the Ethics Commission – and they’re going to be able to do that electronically."

There are quite a few individuals who are required to file.

"One of the requirements," said Allen, "Is for those poliitical subdividisions who have an annual operating budget over a million dollars to identify those individuals and positions that are required to file a personal disclosure statement."

People required to file include such individuals as a political subdivision’s chief purchasing officer or chief operating officer.

Allen sees this as another example of the Commission providing information to the public and making it easier for that information to be submitted.

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