Freedom didn’t last long for four escapees from an Oklahoma jail. They are spending Independence Day in the Taney County jail.

Two of the escapees were caught in the early morning hours of Friday driving the strip in Branson. A Branson police officer suspected the driver of being drunk. He pulled over 29-year-old Ponca Green. While questioning Green, the passenger, 45-year-old Benito Jose Bustos, Jr., fled the car, but broke both legs after jumping off a retaining wall.

Bustos was taken to a hospital for treatment. Green soon joined him. Branson Police Chief Carroll McCullough says Green passed out attempting to commit suicide by strangling himself with his own t-shirt during booking.

McCullough says the two remaining escapees from the Kay County Jail in Newkirk, Oklahoma were apprehended later in the day. Police responded to the motel at approximately 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon after a clerk called authorities when he recognized one of the men from his mug shot posted on a local radio Web site. 44-year-old Doyle Bertschy and 53-year-old Kenneth Sherrod were arrested without incident. Authorities suspected the four might flee to Branson, because Bertschy has family in the area.

Authorities in Oklahoma believe the four had help escaping. The four used a rope thrown on top of the jail roof and scaled down after crawling through a skylight.