It’s do-or-die time for the jobs bill in this session of the legislature.

With only a little more than 24 hours left in the session, which ends at 6 p.m. tomorrow, a last-gasp compromise bill has been brought up in the senate by Senator Brad Lager of Savannah. He says the effort to move an economic development and jobs bill has been challenge.

Lager says he has a bill nobody will like but that most people could vote for.

The senate, however, has quickly gotten mired in a discussion of controlling tax credits—the same issue that has hamstrung progress for the last four months. One amendment early this afternoon has forced the senate to recess for a couple of hours for some back-room negotiations that could heal off a deadlock. Several other amendments that could stall the process are waiting for debate tonight.

uplink comment from Brad Lager (1:42 mp3)