After hours of filibustering in the State Senate, one of the major spending bills of the legislative session  has cleared the General Assembly. Upon approval by the Senate the bill was taken up and passed by the House and sent to the Governor.

HB 22 contains tens of millions of dollars for colleges and universities throughout the state, including $31-million for the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Funding for transportation is also a big part of this legislation, with $12-million headed to the METRO transit system in St. Louis. Business would also benefit as $12-million will go toward the Department of Economic Development for the Division of Business and Community Services for construction upgrades to trade zone facilities focusing on the development of markets for Missouri products and market development. This would specifically benefit trade and business opportunities with China.

The bill totals $600 million. It spends $381 million in federal stabilization money over a two-year period.

Passage of HB 22 followed Senate approval of the 13 budget bills for the 2010 fiscal year which begins July 1st. All appropriations bills must be completed by 6 pm Friday. The FY 2010 budget bill is awaiting Governor Jay Nixon’s signature. The House approved HB 22 115-41.