It’s not often state lawmakers consider a 2.7-Billion dollar bonus a bad idea.. But several do.

The senate has approved spending 2.7-billion dollars in federal stimulus money although Senate Appropriations Chairman Gary Nodler of Joplin says he would have voted against the whole idea if he were already a congressman. Nodler is one of a growing number of potential candidates for the southwest Missouri seat now held by Congressman Roy Blunt.

"As ill-conceived as the federal concept is, the unfortunate reality is that our children and grandchildren will receive the tax bill for it whether it is expended in our state or not," he says. But Nodler says if the federal government wants to give away the money, Missouri will have to take it. And he says the legislature needs to establish a minimum framework for spending the money because the decision will be left to the Governor if the legislature does not act.

The Senate has voted 24-20 to send the bill to the House for acceptance of Senate changes.

The bill is SCS/HCS/HB 21


Upload part of debate with Nodler (4:54 mp3)