A former teammate of suspended Missouri quarterback Blaine Dalton is coming to his defense.  According to an article in the Blue Springs Examiner , Zach Wilson, a former teammate of Dalton’s at Blue Springs high school who played at Northwest Missouri State says the bottle of prescription Hydrocodone found in Dalton’s car belonged to him.

Dalton was stopped in Columbia on Thursday April 30 th around 11pm for allegedly committing a lane violation.  The police officer smelled marijuana in the car and while officers searched the car, they found the pills and alcohol.

Wilson said he was prescribed the Hydrocodone after undergoing shoulder surgery in September.  Wilson told the paper that he went to visit Dalton at MU and had shorts on with no pockets and by mistake left the pills in Dalton’s glove compartment.  Wilson said he got a stronger dose of the medicine and didn’t need those pills and couldn’t remember leaving them in Dalton’s car.

As far as the alcohol found in the car, Dalton told the paper he didn’t know how long it had been in there.  He said it wasn’t cold and wasn’t open and "I wasn’t drunk or anything like that."