Scott Wright of, joins me on this week’s podcast and he breaks down this past weekend’s NFL draft and at first glance he thinks the Rams and Chiefs did alright with their picks.

While Scott admits he hasn’t had a chance to look deep at each team’s picks, he feels confident in saying the Rams addressed some needs on defense and may shake out somewhere in the top 10.  He also thinks the Chiefs are in the upper half with the selections they made.

Scott likes the Rams’ second round pick in James Laurinaitis at linebacker and is also pretty high on the Chiefs’ fourth round pick of Donald Washington, a cornerback from Ohio State.

We also talk about the Missouri Tigers who were drafted and of course the future of Chase Daniel.  Scott does a good job of explaining exactly what type of "free agent" contract Daniel most likely signed with Washington.

I’ve always been surprised at how big the NFL draft has become.  I still believe that at best, the average football fan may know 5-10 names that get drafted and it will be several years before this year’s draft can fully be graded.  Out of the seven rounds of draft picks, there are not that many players that are going to make a big impact for their teams this year.  I’m always more interested in free agency when I look at the current season.

Having said that, there are hardcore fans that eat this draft stuff up and Scott Wright certainly knows his stuff.

Listen to Scott Wright (15:00 mp3)