Tony Gonzalez said his farewells to the place he built his Pro Bowl career.  Gonzalez met with the Kansas City media to thank the fans for all those wonderful years at Arrowhead Stadium.

Saying the fans deserved better last season,  Gonzalez said he’ll never forget walking in that tunnel and seeing 80,000 fans dressed in red.  While there is no doubt Gonzalez will be a shoe in for the Hall of Fame, he said that if he is ever fortunate to receive that honor, he pledged he would go into as a Chief.

Gonzalez holds no bitter feelings and says he will remain apart of Kansas City in the future, but he thinks this is a great situation for the Chiefs to get better and it lands him with an Atlanta team that for the time being is built to have success in the playoffs.

Gonzalez is 0-3 in career playoff games and hopes to one day play in the Super Bowl.  Click to listen to the highlights of Gonzalez’ comments from yesterday.

Listen to Tony Gonzalez (3:00)