I was driving along I-70 heading to the NCAA tournament in Kansas City last month and just off the interstate I noticed construction of a new arena in Independence and I was wondering what they would host inside the new building?  Well, I heard there is a new hockey team coming to Independence and they will begin play in the fall of 2009. 

I don’t know if I’m pumped up about hockey because the St. Louis Blues are in the playoffs, but I needed to find out more about this team that doesn’t even have a nickname yet.  Joining me this week is Bob Rennison who is the Director of Operations for the new hockey team.

He fills us in on the Central Hockey League, a minor league made up of 18 teams from Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and Louisiana.  Bob also provides information on a contest for fans that can help name the team.

Given that Independence is the birthplace of our 33 rd President Harry S. Truman, I’ve come up with a couple of names that should be semi-finalists.  What do you think of the Independence Presidents?  Or the Missouri 33’s?  Don’t like mine.  Listen to find out how you can enter the contest.

For more information on the new hockey team, go to http://independenceprohockey.com/


Listen to Bob Rennison of Independence hockey (mp3)