Chiefs’ head coach Todd Haley and Rams’ coach Steve Spagnuolo will have a tough of things in their first years as head coaches.  That according to schedules on paper.  The NFL released the schedules for all 32 teams.  Here’s our breakdown with links to both schedules.

The Chiefs must also play Jacksonville and Pittsburgh, tough AFC teams.  They do get Cleveland and Cincinnati late on the schedule with a couple of games with Denver which will be interesting since Broncos’ coach Josh McDaniels wanted to bring Cassel with him from New England.

Chiefs schedule

The Rams on the other hand have a easier task at hand.   In addition to games against their division, they also play the NFC Central.  Green Bay is rebuilding, Minnesota is a hot-cold team and of course there is the winless Lions from a year ago who will roll out a new logo and uniform for the 2009 season.  Chicago can be a tough place to play in December if the Bears are in a playoff hunt.

The Rams will also play at Jacksonville and Washington and will also face Indianapolis and Tennessee.

Rams schedule

Early predictions:  Rams 6-10.  Chiefs 8-8.