A proposal to alter how the state appoints appellate judges, including judges to the State Supreme Court, has passed the House and moves on to the Senate.

The final vote comes a day after the amending process in the House, an unusual move that catches the attention of Rep. John Burnett (D-Kansas City) who opposes changing the Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan. Burnett tells colleagues there’s pressure to move the measure along before members might change their mind.

Unlike during the amendment process, debate on final passage moves along with little acrimony.

Rep. Mike Talboy (D-Kansas City) questions General Laws Committee Chairman Tim Jones (R-Eureka) about his "present" vote on the issue. Jones helped craft the committee version of HCS HJR 10 , yet chose not to vote for or against it. Jones tells Talboy he doesn’t have the stamina to fend off what he considers unfair accusations against the measure.

Supporters of the resolution pick up three extra votes and the measure wins approval on an 85-to-72 vote. It now moves to the Senate, which hasn’t been receptive to changes in the Missouri Plan in the past. If the legislature approves it, it goes to a vote of the people.

Download/listen Rep. Talboy questions Rep. Jones (10:25 MP3)
Download/listen Rep. Stanley Cox (R-Sedalia) closes on HCS HJR 10 (1 min MP3)