Adopted people sometimes have health problems that might be genetic But state law keeps them from seeing some vital information that might explain their problems. A late effort in the legislature would lift the veil on some of that information. But the proposal is not likely to make it on its own.

This is about the time in a legislative session when state lawmakers look for bills on which they can add their own proposals that are getting attention to late to pass. The proposal to let adoptees see their birth certificates and medical information forms birth parents can leave with it. Adoptee Ina Lewis of Blue Springs has told senate committee members, "Because of Missouri laws, I am denied access to all the information you folks have about your birth certificate and who you are and where you came from." The proposed law would not allow specific identification of the birth parents without their agreement, if they are still alive. A 20-year old state law sets up a procedure for those reunions. This proposal focuses on information and allows identifying personal information to be blacked out. The bill has just gotten a committee hearing. The sponsor admits it’s pretty late for any chances of passage but it might find another vehicle in the sessions’ last weeks. 

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