House Minority Leader Paul LeVota is defending himself against allegations that he is under federal investigation for activities at the Capitol.

The Associated Press has reported that two anonymous sources have told it that federal investigators questioned them about LeVota.

LeVota, a Democrat from Independence, called an emergency meeting of the House Democratic Caucus after the legislative session Tuesday. LeVota said he told fellow Democrats about the AP story and answered questions. He speculated that the unnamed sources quoted by the AP are fellow Democrats and fellow Jackson County politicians.

“I think there are disgruntled members of the Caucus who are fabricating things against me,” LeVota told reporters in his office at the Capitol.

LeVota said a number of things could make members unhappy with him, such as committee assignments.

Rumors are swirling at the Capitol since the Kansas City Star reported Sunday that federal agents have been interviewing lawmakers about allegations of “pay to play” in the legislature. The Star cited anonymous sources as claiming that campaign donations were expected to secure committee chairmanships, committee assignments, even favorable treatment of legislation.

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