As the effort to change the Construction Work in Progress law makes its way through the State Capitol, a coalition of employers and citizens has been formed to fight the effort. The Fair Electricity Rate Action Fund (FERAF) opposes the move by Ameren – the starte’s largest electric utility – to convince lawmakers to change the law to allow the company to charge ratepayers for the costs of a second Callaway County nuclear power plant while the facility is still under construction.

FERAF fears rates will rise by as much as 40 percent to cover the estimated $7-9 billion price tag for the new reactor. FERAF spokesman Gregg Keller insists this is not opposition to nuclear power.

"The Fair Electricity Rate Action Fund absolutely supports building a Callaway II proposal, says Keller. "We are supporters of nuclear power."

The concern is for ratepayers who might be asked to spend more than they can afford.

"We want to go ahead and make sure," says Keller. "That whatever plan makes it rhrough the Missouri Legislature does so in a way that keeps consumer protections in place and is fair not only to Missouri consumers but to employers, alike."

FERAF is make up of employers and consumer advocates that include the Missouri Retailers Association and Noranda Aluminum.