The NFL will allow the Chiefs and the seven other teams of the original American Football League to wear replicas of their original uniforms for three games next season to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamar Hunt’s AFL.

The Chiefs, who moved to Kansas City from Dallas were known as the Texans.  The retro look for the Chiefs will include a red helmet with the state of Texas on the side with grey facemasks.

The Chiefs will wear the replicas when they play the Cowboys at Arrowhead and also against two AFC teams to be determined.  The Chiefs are also scheduled to unveil a 50th anniversary logo and host a series of events throughout the year to commemorate the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

It’s great the NFL is recognizing Hunt’s achievements, but it’s not a big deal about the uniforms.  Chargers already wear powder blue, Raiders haven’t changed in year, and the Jets wore those high school looking jerseys last season.  The Titans/Oilers still have baby blue apart of their color scheme  The only thing I will like to see is that little Patriot guy snapping the ball.

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